Sheng Chia Rubber Industry

Sheng Chia Rubber Industry Co., LTD, founded and registered in 1980, is a professional manufacturer with more than 30 years experience in producing high quality rubber parts.

With the plant located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, factory land size as 600 m2, Sheng Chia has capacity of 18 injection machines and 7 heat molding machines.

With more than 30 years research and development experiences, we provide not only OEM services, but also ODM services to our customers. Our strong bonding technology provides good rubber parts with outstanding spring rates.

We believe that we can provide value to our customers only by enhancing our research and quality abilities. We grow up with our customers.


Quality Certifications
ISO-9001:2008 certification.

Currently employee number is 40, with 6 R&D staffs.

Product Types
  • Flexible Impellers
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Isolation Mount
  • Rubber Bushing/Bumper
  • Rubber Seal
  • Rubber Boots/Diaphragms/Gaskets

Rubber Parts Manufacturer

Sheng Chia Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in Rubber Parts for many years. As a leading supplier of Rubber Products, we provide professional Silicone Rubber, Isolation Mount, Rubber Bushing, Rubber Seals, Rubber Boots, Rubber Gasket and Rubber Diaphragms. In addition, our main products also include Platform Mount, Rubber Bumper, Rubber Bellow and Flexible Impeller, all with high quality. If you are looking for Anti Vibration Mount, Rubber Impeller and Auto Rubber Bushing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Product: