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Flexible Impeller

Sheng Chia Outboard Engine Pump Impeller has long-term service life. The quality can reach zero head 1000HRxRPM1720xRT.

These Outboard Engine Pump Impellers are currently sold to Taiwan, Vietnam, and East Asia, and gained good reputation from our customers.

We have variety dimensions and sizes. Customer can purchase finished good directly. Customer dimension and design is also acceptable.

If you are interested in high quality Flexible Impeller, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Zero Head 1000HRxRPM1720XRT°C PASS.
Features and benefit
  • Zero Head 1000HRxRPM 1720RT
  • Specially compounded elastomer and high-strength bonding assure extended service life.
  • Variety sizes and dimensions are available. Customer can purchase the finished good directly.
  • Customer dimension and design mold is also acceptable.

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